The terrace is a great place to relax in all weather conditions. Half the surface area is covered and half open to the elements. There is a fireplace which can be used in colder weather and for grilling if desired.

Doors and windows

The doors and windows must be kept closed and locked when you are not using the terrace. See here for instructions.


Aside from the fireplace there is also a propane powered plancha which can be used for grilling. Most foods, including fish, can be cooked on the plancha. It normally isn't necessary to use the highest heat settings. Spread a little olive oil on the surface and have a go.

Clean the surface after cooking while the surface is still hot. Simply pour some water on the surface and scrape gently with a plastic spatula. Never use an abrasive pad or cleaner and this will permanently damage the surface.

The gas bottle is always stored in the uncovered portion of the terrace when not in use. There is a small wooden cover to protect it from the elements.

Hot Plate

There is an electric hot plate (induction) in the white armoir. The hot plate uses the same system as the stovetop so use the same pots and pans.