Security: WPA2-PSK
Password: Available in the house


The router is normally functioning properly when the time (24 hour format) is displayed on the left as shown above (1110 in this case).

There isn't much you can do other than power cycle the device if you're having problems. Disconnect the power for 30 seconds and then re-connect. The router will go through a boot procedure that can take several minutes. You'll know you're up and running again when the time re-appears.

Occasionally you need to confirm a step in the boot process. Press the centre of the arrows when this happens.

Android TV (freebox)

The freebox is connected to the HDMI1 connection on the back of the TV.
The remote above controls the Android TV. Change channels and TV volume using this device.

Sometimes the TV and the Android freebox don't synch properly. You can normally retry by turning the freebox off and on again. Note that the freebox goes through a relatively long boot process.

Android freebox (replace photo)


The Panasonic TV is controlled by the above remote. Normally all you have to do is turn it on. Channel selection does not work with this remote - use the freebox remote.
You can adjust the volume with this remote if you find that the range on the freebox is not to your liking.


You can configure the TV using the MENU button on the remote. Here are some critical settings:

The TV is connectected to the HDMI1 connector on the back of the set. If you want to connect a computer or other device use the supplied cable which is connected to HDMI2.